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What is monochromatic attire and how to do it right

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Before one can dress “monochromatic”, one must understand what monochromatic is. Thus, the definition of monochromatic is (according to google): containing or using only one color. In other words, monochromatic is the use of one single color possibly in varying shades, tints, or tones throughout the whole (in our case) outfit.

Can anyone dress monochromatic? Well, as I’ve said in a past blog, since clothes do not have a “type” and it is simply how talented you are by incorporating the garments outside your selected body type category, the same would go for colors. It is said the best Kibbe body types to wear a monochromatic look are the “classic” and the ”dramatic”. However, if you are not either of these types you most certainly can wear a monochromatic look, anyone can. Although I will warn you, some colors will make you appear washed out, thus unhealthy, while others will enhance your naturally beautiful skin tone, thus bringing life to your whole look.

Monochromatic attire can be challenging, so don’t think it is going to be a breeze right out of the gate. However, it is a lot of fun because it is challenging and offers your creativity a wonderful place to increase through your attire. When done correctly monochromatic attire is far from boring.

So how do you dress monochromatic? You use a single color, can be varying shades, throughout everything you wear, right down to your hat and shoes. Your shirt, pants, skirt or dress are all one color, let's say all pink. You would want your accessories to match, but not matchy - matchy… we are not going for that look. Rather find a softer pink or darker pink for your shoes, scarf, hat, and toss in some rose gold for your jewelry. If you have a pink jacket or coat now is the time to pull it out! However, if you do not have any outerwear of the color you choose for your look, you can either pull on a complimentary color or a simple natural color such as beige, black, navy, etc.

The steps to rocking a monochromatic outfit.

Step 1: Choose your color.

Before you can begin creating and designing your whole look, you must first choose a color to play with. So what color did you decide on?

Step 2: Make sure you have tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories within the color range of your choice.

Your goal is to wear a monochromatic outfit, that means you need to have (on hand immediately) the clothes and accessories in the color range you chose in your wardrobe now. No, you cannot just go purchase a blue shoe because you found you do not own any. If you do not have a shoe in the color range you chose, then read on, because I have solutions coming;)

Step 3: Pull pieces of the same color range out to see if they are compatible via shade, cut, and style in general.

Remember your goal is to pull this monochromatic look off flawlessly, that means if a top and bottom look frumpy together you are not going to wear them “just because the color looks good together”. You probably wouldn’t do that if you were not too focused on the color anyway. Thus, you are not to wear something that “looks off” because it was the only blue top you had available. If this happens either change the bottoms, or change colors.

Step 4: Observe the look as a whole, not as individual pieces.

Try the whole outfit on and add or remove or exchange pieces to get your desired look. Work to stay with your natural lines throughout your body, as this will make your monochromatic attire look even better than ever. If something doesn’t look right try removing it, try replacing it with something else.


Troubles with colors… Have the look you want, but no shoes? Try pairing either a nude or complementary shoe with your monochromatic attire. If you do not have either try pairing a neutral color such as navy, black, or brown shoes. But keep in mind your destination and plans for the day. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, do not wear heels. Being comfortable in your attire is not just you being comfortable in your own skin, but also includes your physical comfort too.

Ready to give monochromatic attire a try? Share in the comments below!

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