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The world knows me, Does it know you?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Getting dressed is one thing, dressing your body type is another, but dressing in a way that brings you joy, is the final stage of fully understanding yourself. We should dress in the way that fills our cup up with joy, enthusiasm, suits our unique and beautiful body, and flows with our vocation and lifestyle.

Getting dressed is simply putting clothes on to cover your body. Dressing your body type is dressing in a way that repeats the natural lines God has created within your body. Dressing your body type is fully understanding how your body was created and what clothes fit it best. Dressing in a way that fills your cup is embracing your femininity, embracing your personality, embracing the whole you as God created you. Dressing in a way that fills your cup is being you and expressing you to the world through your attire.

Dressing in a way that embraces who God created you to be and the life He has meant for you to live is something only you can do. Someone can’t do it for you, someone can’t tell you what to wear and what not to wear. Someone can, however, guide you and lead you along the journey. But you must be the one to make the final decisions. The final say as to whether that top is going to function the way you need it to and make you feel like yourself or if it isn’t going to work because it simply does not function in the way you need it to for your vocation.

The last thing we need in this crazy world is more women feeling like they don’t belong in their body. That they are uncomfortable being themselves. I know this is hard to get past, even, I still struggle with being myself, but we need to be bold and embrace our femininity today, this minute, immediately.

Dressing for your vocation is important. If you are a Catholic Sister, a habit is your chosen attire, you would not consider pulling on “street” clothes when visiting others outside the convent. You were called to the lifestyle of a Sister, and thus, your attire is a habit. If you were called to motherhood, comfortable, functional, children “safe” maybe stain resistant attire is what you sought after, you would not consider wearing an evening gown to take your children to the park. If you were called to join a ministry as a layman, such as the ‘focus’ ministry, you would bring yourself down to the level of those you are speaking with, thus you would dress similar to them (e.g. if a woman you were holding a conversation with wears jeans, a flannel top and no makeup, you would dress just as casual as her).

Dressing your body type is important because it is you fully understanding how your body was created, and thus, shopping intentionally for clothes that fit comfortably. But dressing for your lifestyle, for your vocation, to fill your cup is no doubt more important because it is you dressing in a way that expresses you.

A woman can wear the exact same outfit you are wearing, she can even have the same body type as you, but because she has a different personality as you, she will look different in it. I am not saying the outfit looks bad on her (or you) because it could look just as smashing on her as it does on you, but it will look different because she brings a different personality to it. You are what makes the clothes, not the other way around. The clothes can look pretty awesome on a hanger in the store or on the model on the website, but once you put them on, so long as they are in alignment with your personality and unique identity, they will look even better.

It is important to dress in alignment with who you are within, and according to your vocation and lifestyle. Do not purchase clothes that simply do not fit in your vocation, for they will not be used (as they were made to be used) and you will feel guilty for wasting your time, energy, money, etc. for such a thing. Be intentional when you shop and curious too. But never keep anything that does not align with your vacation and personality. Offer it to a new home or return it (if it’s still within the return time frame).

Dress in a way that fills your cup up with enthusiasm and joy, that is in alignment with your beautiful body type and flows with your vocation and lifestyle. Be you darling, the world is waiting and wanting to know you.

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