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The Travel Capsule Wardrobe Continued

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

You're going on a trip… in your favorite rocket ship. Sorry I couldn’t help it, it’s what my sibling would add when any one of us shared that we are going on a trip. It was originally taken from the Little Einstein's television series. Is your trip a weekend trip? A week trip? Or an extended stay?

Every trip has its ups and downs. Its joys and sorrows. But every trip requires a little packing and forward thinking. You can plan, strategize, and prepare for the best trip yet. You can do everything in your power to have an awesome experience. But every out of town trip has one thing in common, they each require a bit of packing… packing toiletries, clothes, outerwear, shoes, etc. packing can be fun. But other times it can be a drag. However, with a system it can take as little as thirty minutes!

Each trip may be a little different, in terms of activities, weather, place, etc. Are you taking a personal trip away? A business trip? Or possibly medical? All of these considerations help to determine what attire would work best for your trip.

For a Weekend Trip

  • Packed in your duffel bag or similar small bag

  1. Three outfits

  2. Nightwear

  3. Undergarments

  4. Essential toiletries

And, 1 set of shoes, I find either ballet flats or booties work best, you do not pack these, this is the one pair you wear with every outfit. So style and choose your desired outfits around them.

For a Week Trip

  • Packed in a small suitcase or similar sized bag

  1. Seven outfits

  2. Nightwear

  3. Undergarments

  4. Essential toiletries

  5. One set of shoes (heels or other dresser shoe)

  6. One night outfit (evening dress)

And once more you are going to be wearing a set of shoes on your feet as you exit your front door. Thus, you would want to plan your attire around this set as well as the other set you have chosen to pack. And I would suggest wearing a more casual shoe, if you have chosen to pack heels or another dresser shoe to wear later during your trip.

For an Extended Stay

  • Packed in a medium-large suitcase

  1. Ten outfits

  2. Nightwear

  3. Undergarments

  4. Essentials

  5. One night outfit (evening dresses)

  6. Extra outerwear

  7. Jewelry and/or scarf, hat, belt

  8. Two sets of shoes

You will also be wearing a set of shoes, so you’ll technically have three sets of shoes to wear, be sure you work with them and pack versatile clothing. Ten outfits does not have to mean ten tops and ten bottoms. It could very well be two sun dresses, a romper, four tops, and three bottoms that you mix and match to create the remaining eight outfits.

When you plan an extended stay you want to be sure you stick with the color codes from my previous blog regarding packing a travel capsule wardrobe. The basic rule of thumb is to choose your color theme that consists of three-five colors and only pack those colors. This will help with versatility, and you’ll also get the most out of your travel capsule wardrobe. But it will also help you limit what you pack, thus, keeping your luggage light. If you want to read more about it check out the full article here.

This method of mixing and matching, using versatile pieces can be applied to every sort of trip. No matter how long or short your stay is. There is no reason for packing a new top or bottom for every day you are away. When you are at home do you find yourself wearing the same top twice in a week's time? Or what about your favorite pants? So why can’t you pack a little lighter and really make your clothes work for you as much as you do when you are at home?

So when is your next trip? How long will you be gone? What is the weather like? Your itinerary? With this easy guide to packing you’ll be all packed in a jiffy!

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