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Shop Less, Accessories More

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Do you ever just go shopping to shop? When you get home do you wonder why you purchased what you did and how you're going to incorporate it into your wardrobe or your style in general?

If you do, perhaps you haven't quite figured out your personal style. However, if you know your personal style but still find yourself shopping maybe it's time to look a little deeper and uncover the reasons behind your random shopping sprees. Perhaps they are not so random after all. Do they happen after you had a stressful day at work? Do they happen when you have an argument with a family member or good friend? Do they happen when you are feeling like you are undeniably wonderful?

Awareness is the first step to discovering why you do, what it is you do. And, if it is something that is not very good for you or your home, maybe it’s time to figure out something else you could do in place of the shopping sprees. I would offer advice in this area, however you are not here to listen to me explain away ways to stop shopping and how triggers and wiring work within the brain, after all this article is actually about including more accessories in your day to day attire.

I know it might seem weird at first, it caught me off guard when I discovered this too. But it also makes total sense, just count on yourself and bear with me here.

As women no matter our personal style identity, we typically wear ten - twelve accessories. I know what you're thinking. Michaela, how in the world do you get ten, better yet, twelve accessories on a single human? That sounds absurd! I don’t want to look over done and you shouldn’t either. But we should fear not being dressed enough, more than overdressed. Have you ever looked at a crowd and said, “wow, she dressed up a little too much for this event.” or do you more often find yourself saying, “Mmm, she could have at least put a little effort into her look.”

It is by far not our place to judge, but as humans before we get to know someone on a deeper level, we only have the outside appearance to go off of, to understand them. Thus, we do judge. At least we do in the beginning of the relationship, maybe later down we do not. So, do you look for the overdressed or underdressed woman? I’d say the underdressed is more noticeable because she might feel a little less confident. However, if the overdressed woman is more so less confident then the underdressed woman, perhaps you’ll notice her. However, the later scenario is less common.

"That is what people remember, the overall look, or appearance of the attire. The whole ‘feel’ it has and the energy the woman gives to the world when she is wearing it." - Michaela de Guire

Now, to fully understand what we can count as an accessory we shall define what an accessory is.

An accessory is anything that you would put on as an accent to your attire. This could be as small and simple as a pearl earring; two earrings (that's a pair) is equal to two accessories. Or, it could be as big and bold as a large red handbag. The accessories are what pulls the outfit together and creates the look. The accessories are what tell people who you are, they are what define your personal style. The accessories are more important than the clothes, although the clothes are like the textured canvas is to an artist, so don’t try to go without. I mean it. You won’t have anything to hold the paint. Without the clothes, the base, you only have a pile of accents.

You can have three women wearing the exact same dress or the exact same shorts and top, but every one of them could look completely different because of their personal style and their preference to select accessories.

One woman could be wearing all matching gold earrings, necklaces, bangle bracelets, with a little leopard print belt and shoes. Another could be wearing a mix of assorted beads, leather cuffs, feathered earrings, and other textured and mixed colors. While yet another could be wearing a sports watch, easy sandals, a simple stud earring, sun glasses, and a neck guard.

Again, each of these women are wearing the same basic attire, but each chose to accessorize it in a different way. That is what people remember, the overall look, or appearance of the attire. The whole ‘feel’ it has and the energy the woman gives to the world when she is wearing it.

What specifically do you count as an accessory? Things such as sunglasses, earrings, necklace, bracelets, belt, rings, scarf, handbag, watch, head gear, such as hat, hair pins, headbands, scrunchies, etc.

Where do you place accessories? Two most beneficial places for all women is the wrist, because it is the smallest part of the arm. The second is the décolletage area, because you have a beautiful collar bone. These are the two places you should be placing a little pizzazz to your attire. Although, you can most certainly play with the other areas, in your hair, around your waist, your ankle, fingers, ears, etc. I encourage you to try different locations and accessorize where you might not have before. Learn about yourself and your most favorite places to accessorize. After all, style is about learning about yourself, your likes and dislikes.

Now, how many is too many? Well much like decorating a room in your home or office, try keeping it at odds, like one, three, or five. When you are layering necklaces think one or three. Five would be too much on your chest and décolleté area and it would end up disguising your collar bone, not what we are trying to do. But on your wrist, you can do one, three, or five. Put on the beads, cuff, or bangles, or a mix of all of them! But don’t go past five because then you are just adding extra weight to your arm. We are working to look elegant, not weightlifting throughout the day.

We do not need to shop for new clothes all the time if we could just learn how to properly accessories our attire. We could make the same dress look different without taking from our personal style and yet never get bored. With this way of accessorizing dressing is never going to get boring!

Now, you understand why we accessorize, what we count as an accessory, how many we should be wearing, and the idea of what we choose to wear puts our personality out into the world. With all this information, I ask you, what are you going to accessories with today?

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