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Seek Organic in Food and Clothes

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Seek organic, in food and clothing because it is healthier for you and the environment. There is less water used to grow organic cotton, flax (which is linen) and food in general because there are no pesticides sprayed on the plants, which require water to spread it. But water is not the most important thing right now. The most important thing you should protect is your body.

Put simply, organic farming is solely God, food, and soil, thus producing nutritious crops. -Michaela de Guire

Chemicals are toxins and we consume them through the food, drink and clothes we wear. Our skin is our body's largest organ, and when we wear clothes that are covered in chemicals we are filling our body with toxins. When we choose to consume food with GMO, genetically modified organisms, we are forcing our body to fight off toxins all over.

Why organic?

When the chemicals are sprayed on the conventional crops it goes into the soil, killing off many nutrients. It is because of this depletion within the soil that the food cannot contain as many vitamins and minerals as foods in the past. Think of it like this, if food gets its food from the soil, the earth, and we get our food, our nourishment from the food. What happens if our food cannot get its nourishment? You are correct, it becomes less than it could be. The nutrient deficiencies in the soil show up in our bodies.

The earth started with organic growing, we are simply going back to what worked best. Organic farming has been around long before the industrial revolution in 1760 and the creation of synthetic chemicals. Organic farming is more sustainable than conventional farming, with organic certification this ensures farmers are protecting natural resources and conserving biodiversity, without the use of synthetic chemicals. Put simply, organic farming is solely God, food, and soil, thus producing nutrient crops.

Another thought regarding chemicals, if the chemicals are still present in the non organic clothing we wear, no matter how many times it is washed (check out this post to read more regarding clothing chemicals), can you imagine the amount of chemicals we are consuming even after washing our food? It is no wonder there are so many chronic diseases and cancers out there!

If you can’t seem to shop organic all of the time then I encourage you to purchase the dirty dozen in organic, so you can reduce your chemical consumption. And, albeit there are still some chemicals on the clean 15, you can purchase them non organic. The dirty dozen are foods that contain the most pesticide residue after washing, and thus are best consumed when organic. Whilst, the clean 15 are non organic foods that have almost no detectable pesticide residue. (According to the EWG Science Team).

By consuming and wearing organic you are helping your body by reducing the workload it has for protecting you from harm. Also, as far as I am aware of GMO’s, genetically modified organisms have not yet been around long enough for us to know if they are NOT harmful. I personally do not like being included in a science experiment, especially when I do not know the hypothesis or results thus far. The reason for GMO’s is to increase profit and food production. Is it necessary? No. Organic food does not have any GMO in it.

Another benefit to organic shopping is you are supporting small farms. Every time you make a purchase for organic food and clothing you are supporting a farmer who believes in the principles and long term sustainability organic farming offers. Every time you say yes to organic you are making sure that those products will continue to stay on the shelves.

Curious to see if you have a local farmer who grows organic but cannot afford the certification? Visit your local farmers market and ask how they grow their food. Also, if you are in the grocery store check the PLU code, if it is a five digit code that starts with “8” it is a GMO fruit/vegetable. However, if the five digit PLU code starts with a “9” it was grown organically, and thus, is free from GMO’s.

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