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Is style really not that hard?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Catholic style? Christian style? How about style in general? Why is it so hard? Can’t it be simple?

Style itself is not confusing. Fashion itself is not confusing. Clothes are not confusing. A shirt is designed in such a way to be worn on your upper body, you do not wear a shirt as pants, and you wouldn’t wear pants as a shirt. Thus, clothes themselves are not confusing.

Fashion is simply what the fashion designers create from the depths of their imaginations. Fashion has to do with global trends, fads, which is an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something that is usually short lived, and of course, the red carpet. Fashion is just clothes in the media.

However, style has to do with you, as an individual person. Style is how you wear fashion. Style is how you put the clothes together and wear them. Style is you expressing your identity, ideas, and feelings. It is the manner in which you wear your clothes. The manner in which you act. It is the distinctive appearance you create for yourself.

And, therefore style is not really that hard. We make it difficult to understand because as women we allow our minds to over think, overcomplicate, and oftentimes this hinders the simplest things. But it also allows us to detect and bear the most difficult things, and that is why we are so good at understanding others.

So how does one create her signature style? First of all you need to know where you want to go. Then you need to look at your wardrobe and remove all the pieces that do not resemble your style goals. Finally, you need to begin testing your style, altering it, tweaking, and making it your very own.

Everyone should have a distinctive style that says I am me. I am who God created me to be. I should be able to walk into any room and immediately pick you out from a crowd because I recognize your style, your taste in clothes, and how you wear them. You should be able to do the same for anyone else.

If you follow fashion trends closely then you are “fashionable”, however you don’t have to do so. As a matter of fact I encourage you not to strive to be “fashionable” but rather, “stylish” as this is where you are timeless, and it is distinctive to you. To be “stylish” means you have curated your individual style and no matter what fad comes into play you stay true to you. Another reason I would encourage you to be stylish versus fashionable is because of quality over quantity. The fast fashion industry has caused so much trouble, it has turned fashion into a displeasing game of purchase, wear, toss. It is disgusting, disgraceful, and what is worse is we no longer have clothing that can live from one generation to the next without degrading.

So what can you do to become more stylish? You discover your style goals, your dreams, how you want to represent yourself in the world. How would a daughter to a king show up? How would a woman with the lifestyle you have show up? How would you show up as your best self? That is where you begin. Start by gathering images on a Pinterest board. And, If you do not use Pinterest, then google some images of women you look up to, what do they wear? How did they act? Speak? Walk? Learn these things and you are on your way to becoming your best and highest self with a distinctive style. Your personal style.

The next step is looking at your existing wardrobe. What do you already own that resembles your style goals? What do you need to let go of, remove from your wardrobe to make space for your genuine and true to you style? Discern what is to stay and what needs a new home. Pack up everything (including jewelry and footwear) that does not resemble your personal style.

The next step is creating a list to fill in the gaps. You should focus on curating a capsule wardrobe first and then build out from there. Write only what you need to build a wardrobe that gets you at least seven (exciting to you) outfits. Don’t forget to work on nightwear and gym clothes. You are working on your wardrobe in its entirety, thus, you cannot leave out any part of it.

Once your list is complete, you may go shopping. But I encourage you to keep in mind what looks best on you. Colors, shapes, lines, patterns, everything. Stay with your style goals and your list, do not purchase any “shiny objects” (these are things that are not necessary and will not be used or worn by you).

Darling, there is an expansive difference between “regular” style and “Catholic” style. Catholics wear clothes that are modest and respectable. They wear things that show they respect their body and expect respect in return. If you want respect you must take the first step and show your own body the respect it deserves. Thus, I encourage you to look into dressing respectfully. That means no deep V-necklines, no booty hanging out short-shorts, and no transparent tops with a bra completely exposed for the whole world to see. That’s the difference between “regular” style and “Catholic” style.

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