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Unearthing the Secrets of the Unmentionables

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Do your undergarments make you feel like you are beautiful? Like the world is your oyster? Or, how about making you feel unstoppable, like you can do anything?

When you shop for undergarments do you get anything that makes a statement, for example, color, lace, prints, and patterns? What about style, do you get anything that catches your eye or do you get one type only and never explore anything else? It's kind of like drinking the same type of coffee at your favorite coffee shop and never exploring anything different. How do you know you like something until you try it?

But at the same time, how do you create an undergarment draw that is simple, easy, and streamlined in such a way that you have everything you need in the coordinating colors so you needn't worry about showing off pantie lines and colors through your clothes?

Darling, it's all about trial and error (for a short while anyway). You need to be willing to try something for a short time. For example, its like trying a new coffee flavor at your favorite coffee shop. You are still at your favorite coffee shop, that's comforting, but now you are going to stretch a little and taste something new. Similarly, at your favorite undergarment house you would try just one new set in a new style, not a new color, but a new style. Does it work for your lifestyle and function as you'd expected (or better then anticipated). If not, return them and try something else.

When we wear undergarments that are beautiful and functional we feel amazing, we stand a little straighter, we put a little more effort in our little daily activities, we smile a little brighter, we glow from the inside out.

If undergarments have this power over us, then why do we play favorites with a select few pieces and hardly wear the others? Why do we struggle to find what works for us, what brings to life that hidden glow? The truth is when we play favorites its most likely because we do not feel comfortable in the other pieces or they are the wrong colors and show through most everything we wear.

The essentials in every woman's wardrobe come down to these simple things:

  1. One Plunge bra

  2. One Strapless bra

  3. Three Everyday/everywhere bra

  4. Ten Most comfortable and functional style of panty for your lifestyle

  5. Two Thong panty (unless you wear these more frequently)

  6. Two Nude pantyhose

  7. One Black tights

  8. One-Two Slip(s)

  9. One Sports bra

To keep everything streamlined I like to keep everything in coordinating colors of nude, black, and white. But if you have a better system that works for you, then I suggest you stick with it.

The Bra

When you are shopping for a bra do you test different styles out? Do you find yourself going home with bright colors, dark colors, and anything that is difficult to conceal under your clothes?

Well, you are not the only one, this I can promise you. It can be difficult learning which undergarments work for you, but giving a few tests and nude might seem boring but I can assure you that nude may very well be the way to go. It should melt right into your skin tone and you should be able to wear white tops without anyone knowing you have a bra on (except you).

Can we speak in terms of size for a moment? A bra should not feel like it's squeezing you, the band should not give you the allusion of fat rolls. The truth is, a bra should feel so comfortable that you should forget you are even wearing one! The shoulder straps should not be slipping off your shoulders and the cups should not be so big that you have gaps or so small that you have a little spillage. If you are a blessed woman with asymmetrical breasts then you should be looking for a bra that has removable padding, these are a lifesaver, as it makes for a more comfortable fit and your tops will look like they fit much nicer too. And one more important note, bras do have expiration dates... It's about one year.

Now for the styles, you should have a plunge bra. You may not be a woman who shows off a lot of cleavage, but to have this in your wardrobe is a good idea as it comes in handy for any V-necklines, Scoop necklines, and man-tailored button-ups. Test some different styles out, maybe from a few different companies, and don't forget to familiarize yourself with the company's return policy and size chart.

As for the strapless bra, there are many necklines besides the strapless that may require this one, for example, the spaghetti strap and the boat neck. Your bra straps should not be seen by anyone. They are part of the undergarment and therefore are not for the public eye. I would highly suggest getting one of these in a nude color.

Now for your everyday bra, this is your live-in bra. If you don't need a strapless or plunge, it is your go-to, just do it bra. For this one, you should again go nude in at least one of them and the others you can do whatever you like. But remember you are building an easy, straight forward, streamlined top drawer. I would suggest you try some different styles on, decide which one you love, not like, don't settle, LOVE it. Once you find one you love, then get three. One to wear, one to laundry, and one for backup.

The Underwear

Now for the underwear, you can test every style until you find one that does not show panty lines, one that doesn't get uncomfortable (scratchy, wedgies, etc.), and most important, one that makes you feel amazing! When you are deciding which size to go for you should make sure that it hugs your curves with no digging, this will ensure there is no excessive bulk under your clothes. As for the colors for these, I highly recommend going with neutral colors, such as black, nude, white, and navy. However, for the occasions, you need to pick me up, I would get one or two powerful colors (such as red). If a neutral color is still your thing and lace is your pick me up, then go for it!

If you wear a lot of high-rise garments then look for a high-rise style, if you wear a lot of tight fit clothes then look into a thong, if you prefer casual comfort look into a bikini or boy-short style, then go that route. Darling, you are the one wearing the undergarments, make sure they feel comfortable and make you feel powerful.

Other than that the options are endless in the area of the unmentionables. Whatever your chosen style is I would highly recommend narrowing it down to one specific style that works well with your wardrobe and get multiple pairs in a few neutral colors. Again, nude is my typical color, but my sports bra is black, because to me that is power. So it's all about your personality and what works for your lifestyle.

The Slip

What is the point of a slip? Darling a slip was originally part of every woman's attire. It was first designed as part of the underclothes one would wear to keep her outer clothes clean longer, thus less laundering was necessary. Then as fashion moved forward it morphed into a grandmother's only style. But in the early 2000's it became the iconic silk sheath dress. Yikes, grandmother's unmentionables became a dress itself. And now as the last few years have shown us, women are willing (perhaps from lack of education) to wear sheer blouses without any additional coverage between their undergarments and the outside world.

In years to come I hope this sad state of dress fades away. However, a slip is a layer of underclothes that offers you warmth in the winter months, and secure coverage the rest of the year. Here are a few benefits to wearing a slip:

  1. Prevents static cling

  2. Prevents wrinkles

  3. Prevents the "peach effect", this is wear the dress/skirt gets caught in ones behind

  4. Prevents riding up

  5. Reduces panty lines

  6. Eases friction, thus garments last longer

  7. Less laundering

  8. Extra layers under light (e.g. white) color garments

There are many different sorts of slips too. There are "half slips", a skirt slip that can be as short as a micromini skirt or as long as to your ankles and anything in-between. There are "full slips", that add an interior layer worn under a dress or skirt. These were originally designed for dresses without lining. However, if you wear a slip with a lined dress, it will offer the benefits listed above that a lined dress cannot. There is also a slip that is like a spaghetti strap shirt that ends at the hip, this is known as a "camisole". A "princess slip" is a slip that is designed and constructed in such a way to allow room for curves as it is a snug fit. A slip known as "tan pants" can pull double duty as under pants and a slip, they resemble loose shorts or French knickers. and the final slip is "petti pants", which offers additional coverage to any unlined pants or light colored pants (e.g. white) and helps to conceal panty lines.

The Pantyhose & Tights

Yes we are women, and yes there are still times when pantyhose and tights come in handy, not just on cold winter days when we are to wear a dress, skirt, or want to show a little leg without freezing. But they help us show the best of our legs without friction and chafing. Pantyhose and tights add comfort, while making your legs look amazing. The benefits of wearing pantyhose include:

  1. Reduces friction on the legs

  2. Prevents chafing and blistering

  3. Looks more professional

  4. Provides shape support

  5. Conceals panty lines

  6. Prevents varicose veins

  7. Always in style, a classic stapes in a woman's wardrobe

There are many reasons why a woman's unmentionables are layered and the greatest benefit is to add comfort. One would think how can you be comfortable in all these layers. If you are still wondering... May I suggest you try layering your unmentionables and see how much more comfortable physically and mentally. Physically it is explained in the article above, but mentally becoming comfortable comes when you do not have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions.

With all this being said, what does your top drawer look like? Does it offer you peace of mind and ease with every outfit you put on? Does it function as you wish? What can you add to it to make it better?

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