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Do Catholic's wear skinny jeans?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

What is often said (when you do a google search):

  1. Your body is God’s temple, a dwelling place for Him.

  2. How we dress is a reflection of how we reveal Jesus to others.

  3. The manner in which you dress will either lead others into sin or out (adultery, etc.).


1.01. You must dress your body to God’s standards. Respect your body. Treat it as the temple, the dwelling place it is.

2.01. You must dress in a way that displays, reveals, and showcases Jesus unto others. This can be taken to mean you act in a Jesus like manner towards others as well, slow to anger and fast to forgive.

3.01. To put it bluntly, you can either dress like a slut and have others sin and treat you like a slut or you can dress with respect to your own body and treat others with respect and they will treat you with respect in turn.

Dressing like a Christian, style and fashion and all things Christian is something I personally have been doing my entire life. Being born and raised a Roman Catholic we have some pretty strict dress codes. I used to hate them, but as I grew (and matured) I learned the rules were not something put in place by the fathers of the church to make us suffer, especially as fashion shifted and transformed around us. They saved me from falling down into the path of goth and displaying my bum to the world. I believe these “strict” guidelines that were in place as I was growing helped me better understand how we as women are to love our bodies and respect what God has bestowed on us.

Now I promise not to get all gushy and what not on you. Because as I was growing up it was a hard pill to swallow. I absolutely loved all things fashion, clothes, and style, but I couldn’t express myself in what I wanted to because of hand-me-downs. Which again was not bad, all these things molded me into the woman I am today. And I frikin' love me! I love everything (except my crooked nose, which is fine too) and I believe if you don’t love yourself you can’t truly and fully love another. So love yourself darlings!

Now back to this defining Christian style…. So how do you dress modestly? Like a Christian? Maybe so far as Catholic?

Well, let’s start with fit. Women who are confident in God and frikin' love themselves do not fuss about trying to display their features to the whole world, because they know they have. Thus, they wear clothes that fit them comfortably. They do not try squeezing into things that are just too small. They do not show off their undergarments (not a line, if they can help it is seen by the public).

Next, They do not display their private parts to the world. Those are for them and their husband (if they have one). Women, let's be serious for a second. Your goods are for you and your husband to enjoy privately. Let’s not expose them to the world. You can display your décolletage or your collarbone without displaying your cleavage. And you can shoe off a little leg, not all your leg and certainly not your bum without being taken as too stiff. Show your ankle, maybe your calf. But never your bum.

And yes, Christian women wear makeup (yes, Catholic’s wear makeup). You can put on a face of makeup without being too cakey and fake. I wear makeup practically everyday, somedays I put on more than other days. But you do not need to cover and conceal your beautiful, healthy, glowing skin, you only put it on if you want, there is no need for it. You enhance your natural beauty, nothing more than that.

When in doubt as to whether it is “safe” to wear something or not, we ask ourselves (and moral direction is important), “Is this something I would be okay meeting my BFF in?” (and that BFF I’m mentioning here is, Jesus.)

And finally. Yes, we wear skinny jeans. Not leggings mind you, unless they are going beneath the clothes as they are meant to. But actual skinny jeans.

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