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Breaking the Closet Myth

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Myth: You have to be seriously full of yourself to have an amazing closet.

Truth: you don’t.

Chaos is not of God. He does not wish chaos onto us, He wishes clarity, peace, love and all things good. “For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace— as in all the churches of the saints.” - Corinthians 14:33

God is peace and peace is order. Order is functional systems set in place that we ourselves, with the grace of God, put in place to create ease, save time, and mental bandwidth. Your closet is a representation of how you feel about your clothes, and how you feel deep inside about yourself. Is your closet well maintained, clean, and beautiful? Does it make you smile when you look at it?

If not, continue reading.

Organizing your closet can be a big feat, but once complete you will find that you can get ready for the day a whole lot faster, with outfits that are freakin’ amazing, and you feel pretty good too. You will be saving yourself hours each week, and you will find you are mentally prepared for the day. You will find you are at ease with your wardrobe. Your clothes. And, most of all, yourself.

So how does one organize her wardrobe you ask? The steps are simple: eliminate all clothes that do not work for your body type, personal style, and simply do not fit. Basically eliminate the “clutter”. Design and create a space you love and works for you and your clothes. Designate a place for each item (clothing in types e.g. sweaters with sweaters). Your goal is not so much as to organize, anyone can do that for pete's sake. But rather, focus on creating a space and repeatable system that works for you.

What is essential in the closet?

THE FIRST THING I am going to suggest is investing in light bulbs that are within 4,000-5,000 kelvin scale for your closet. It is the perfect daylight light and it makes your clothes look amazing, it will draw out their most beautiful and authentic color. Another thing to consider for your closet when organizing it is investing in organizers. Such as drawers, racks, bins, hangers (all matching please, it will elevate your closet like nothing else), and the wall paint. I would highly suggest sticking with earthy/neutral tones as this will once more draw your wardrobes' most authentic colors forward.

The next essential item is how to organize your wardrobe… This again is completely up to you, but I am going to offer a few amazing techniques or ways to do things that will give you ideas. When you hang your clothes, organize them by type and then by color. Everyone says organize by color, but do you know why? We are humans and our brains have a tendency to work faster and easier with color. You will find it is a lot easier to find that navy and white stripe top to wear with the red shorts when you organize in this manner. Also, a sidebar to this, when you hang your clothes (if you are right handed) make them ALL face left, that way when you pull them out of the closet they are facing you. If you are left handed, have them face right;)

Consider drawer organizers. If you have the space for a drawer of two for things such as unmentionables, jewelry, and nightwear, then I would highly suggest you look into drawer organizers. Now there are tons out there, but before you go out and get a whole bunch, consider what you are going to place in the drawer and measure the space you have. You’ll save a lot of time.

If you find you absolutely love handbags (and you change them out frequently) create a system that saves you time. Invest in a basket that you can put all your bag essentials in. What do you keep in your hand bag that is absolutely essential? Wallet, keys, sunglasses, tissues, tinted lip balm, business cards. Just remember darling, these are essentials, not the whole house.

Another basket you should have in your closet is for “closet essentials”. These are things that you need when getting ready for the day but often find yourself running all over the house for. These things would be a scissors for nipping tags. A lint roller for cleaning up any pesky pet/human hair or any fuzzies that downgrades the garment. A stichripper for opening pockets, vents, widening a button hole, etc. basically taking care of any shipping threads and manufacturing mistakes. Snag puller for pulling sweater and shirt yarns and threads back into the wrong side of the garment (inside the garment). Shoe polish, especially if you have leather shoes. A tide pen to remove little stains instantly. And of course, an elegant ladies best friend, double sided tape for helping keep the shirt in place or any necessary emergency garment assistance.

And, since we are speaking of bins, let's chat about a beautiful tray to hold the final items you use every morning to finish out your outfit (no this does not include makeup). On this beautiful tray you should have a minimum of two items, your deodorant and your signature perfume (or if you have a few you enjoy, keep all of them here) and if you use lip balm right away in the morning, this is where you would keep it.

Now there are two more things you should consider when designing and creating a space for your clothes that you absolutely love and functions well for you. And they are a full length mirror (trust me it will change your whole world) and a special place for building your outfit for the day (or if you like, the week!). This could be a super fancy pullout hook or it could be as simple as a beautiful (not plain white plastic, think chrome or bronze) command hook.

Okay, so all of this is helpful Michaela, but how do I know what clothes to hang and which to fold?

Well darling, I am so glad you asked!

What to fold:


Night wear



Jewelry laying in a drawer

What to hang:


Dress pants



Tops (both fancy and daily tees)



Hats (or you can store in hat boxes)

Jewelry on a wall (if you choose to)

What can I do about shoes?

Shoes are a little more versatile in regards to storage. First of all, sort them out and only keep the ones you wear. Get rid of the clutter darling, make room for peace, clarity, and God. Then decide if you would like to store them on a shelf, a rack, on the floor or leveled up to just below your tops or dresses. The choice is yours darling. You are designing this closet for you. Create, imagine, and live it out.

Why do we hang jeans, but fold sweaters? Jeans have a tendency to get a little wrinkly because of their fabric. However sweaters are typically knitted, they are wrinkle resistant but not stretch resistance. Jeans are typically stretch resistant, but not so much wrinkle resistant.

When putting the closet all back together remember to keep your most frequently worn items in the foreground and within easy reach. Store all of your out of season (as in weather, not trends) in the back and further out of reach. This way you are able to get ready for the day with ease and less frustration.

One final word. If you have a beautiful high closet and find yourself unable to use the top shelves (because well, height and gravity are a thing) add a step stool to your closet and yes darling, it can be an elegant one.

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