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A Tug on My Heart

Have you ever felt a tug on your heart to do something big? Maybe not huge, like building a church or changing the world in a huge way. But to teach for a year, or go on a mission, or maybe to coach a team for volleyball?

I had felt a tug on my heart to do something. I didn’t understand what at the time, because I was already a part of the church choir, a money counter, and I was a teacher for the second grade, a responsibility I do not take lightly, it’s an important year for the children, receiving two sacraments in a single year. But I still had this tug on my heart to do something more. Or rather different. I did what I was taught when I counted the money, I enjoyed the friendships that blossomed from being a part of the choir, I loved watching the students realize different teachings of Christ and come to an understanding. So, I didn’t know what God wanted me to do. In my eyes I was everywhere. Doing so much. Yet, He wanted me to do something more?!

It wasn’t until I attended the Eucharistic revival for our Diocese that I learned what He wanted me to do. At the revival I learned that we as laymen of the church are not only responsible for bringing new people to the church, but also for strengthening the existing church. They asked us what existing events does our church hold, which one’s are successful, and which ones could we add the eucharist to. Which ones can we expand on?

As I sat there in my small group, beside my sister, I thought. Our parish's most successful event is our fish fry. So, God asked me to bring Him to the forefront of the Fish Fry. He asked me to bring Eucharistic Adoration to the fish fry. After sharing my desire to lead this event to a friend who came for dinner that night, He shared with me a program which brings Eucharistic Adoration to the church in a new way. Using candles as a means to draw people closer to Christ.

I looked into what this organization had to offer. I liked what I saw and wondered how I could bring this to our parish. Unfortunately, I was unable to connect with them to bring this exact program to our parish, thus, I was on my own for figuring out how to pull this sort of event off.

Truthfully I was nervous, uncertain, and excited. In my email reaching out to the Parish council, in my wild attempt to ask for permission to oversee the event and purchase the necessary supplies for it, I was passionate. I had a spark I could not extinguish. A spark that as the event grew closer, became a flame.

The first night we put together, I was a little disappointed with how few people actually took a candle up and placed it at the foot of the altar. There were also a few rough patches in regards to the open and closing. However, there were about ten people who came into the church to visit Christ. Then, by week two I had a hiccup in my schedule of events, I was held up and could not make it to set up and be present for the opening. I called my mother, bless her soul, she did an outstanding job setting everything up and staying through the breaking down. By the third week I was excited to see how everything was coming along. We only had eight people come on week two. However, I created little invitations and placed them at every table of the fish fry. My mother’s idea, not my own, I wasn’t even certain they would be accepted by the ones running the Fish Fry. I was over the top excited to see how this improved our attendance. As it turned out, it improved it immensely. We had thirty people come and almost just as many light a candle and place it at the foot of the altar!

I’d say Eucharistic Adoration is something we need more of. If you do not have consistent Eucharistic Adoration in your parish perhaps an event like this is what you need. I would also consider including a little education piece as to why Eucharistic Adoration is important in your parish bulletin. If you are looking to bring this event into your parish I encourage you to look into my At the Feet of Christ” digital download package, where you can bring this event to life in your parish.

This past Lenten season was probably the best Lent yet for me. We just wrapped up the final evening for this round of At the Feet of Christ, we had twenty people bear the thunder storm to stay a few minutes with Christ. It was beautiful, I can’t wait to bring Eucharistic Adoration to life once more!

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