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At the feet of Christ

Bring people closer to Christ through Eucharistic Adoration. Offering candles as a means to connecting with Christ. 

Imagine coming to one of your parishes' annual events and finding Christ waiting for you. 

The goal for is to provide Catholics and non-Catholics alike the opportunity to experience Christ, to be in proximity to Him. We have this great opportunity (and honor) to offer this experience of the presence of Christ and have their prayers answered, or at the very least have the opportunity to feel someone is listening because they had the opportunity to light a candle and place  it at Christ's feet. 

In this digital download you will receive all the fliers, pamphlets, signage, music playlist, supply list, and guidelines to put on your very own "At the Feet of Christ" Eucharistic Adoration evening in tandem with your next church event. 

Church Candles
Red Cross
Stained Glass

A great opportunity is in your hands

The success will vary from parish to parish as each churches demographics are different and Adoration might not be widely known, understood, or offered in some churches.

This event was created to work in tandem with an established parish event. It is a success if you have even just one person come to be with Christ. However, in our small parish I had anywhere from 8-30 come in a single night. 

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